Residential Services and Prices

Here are some of the residential services Affinity Valuation Group, LLC offers. Recurring clients may qualify for volume discounts.  Please call for a specific price quotation.

Single Family Residential Mortgage Appraisal: FNMA form 1004 or 1073 with interior viewing and 1004MC addendum. FHA certified appraisals add $25. $450
Duplex Mortgage Appraisal w/1004MC and interior viewing. FHA certified appraisals add $25. $600
Tri-Plex Mortgage Appraisal w/1004MC and interior viewing. FHA certified appraisals add $25. $650
4-Plex Mortgage Appraisal w/1004MC and interior viewing. FHA certified appraisals add $25. $675
Limited Single Family Mortgage Appraisal: FNMA form 2055 with exterior only viewing and 1004MC addendum $375
General Purpose Residential Appraisal (GPAR) For non-lending transactions ie: Divorce, Estate Settlement, Tax Appeal, etc. Interior viewing recommended. $450
Employee Relocation Appraisal: ERC form 2010 $600
Land Appraisal: Vacant residential site appraisal $450
Desk Review $300
Field Review $350
Recertification/Update previous Appraisal $150

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