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Affinity Valuation Group encourages the sharing of our posts, videos and photographs. By distributing the information we are presenting here our clients and colleagues can all benefit from the information displayed in our website and blog. However, it is very important to read our explicit policy on the sharing of content:

Photos – Our photos can be shared and used (unaltered; please) with a proper link back to our blog.

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Posts – Excerpts of our posts can be shared (unaltered; please). Please give us credit and a link back to our blog. However, entire blog posts should not be reproduced, it takes time to research and produce all the posts on this web blog. The unique nature of how we present the web data is why someone in the first place will visit our web blog.

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If you have any questions about the sharing of information out of the Affinity Valuation Group website or blog, please contact us. The owners are very open minded on information exchange and are quite excited to be part of the blogging community where we can mutually benefit and help our audience as well as our clients.

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